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I absolutely love the teaching element to my job, getting to watch as my clients grow in confidence and skill is such a good feeling. I offer a few different types of lesson depending on your needs. 

One to one lessons are ideal for someone who wants to build their knowledge and skill in applying makeup to themselves. its about giving you the confidence to apply your makeup the way you want it to look. 

Advanced lessons are designed for established makeup artists or those wishing to build a career in makeup. We work on a model together and take one half of the face each. This is a much more in depth and technical application, focusing on precise product placements and recommendations. 

I also do 'round the table' lessons which are great for small groups who fancy having a play with some products together. These are where we all sit around a table and do our makeup together step by step. This type of lesson is great to do with your friends for a birthday or hen party treat, the perfect girlie afternoon!

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try 

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